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Interview with Invert Game Studios

focussing on their MVCVM game framework "uFrame"

We recently stumbled over uFrame, a MVCVM game framework created by Invert Game Studios. So we did a short interview with Michael La Manna and asked him about it:

What is uFrame and why should game developers use it?

uFrame, specifically created for the Unity game engine, uses a pattern-based framework called MVCVM (Model-View-Controller-ViewModel). It is designed to provide developers with the visual editing tools, code structure and knowledge to develop games faster and more efficiently. uFrame 1.0 has a whole new line of tools that slowly introduces the developer to the MVCVM architectural pattern. The user simply follows a step-by-step process that produces a visual network of boxes, defining how the various elements are connected with each other, as well as maintaining and automatically implementing code for future use in the game. The development process is seamless and the outcome becomes clear in minutes. uFrame was designed to bridge the gap between the artist and the developer, allowing even the novice developer to bring their ideas to life like the pros.

Can uFrame be used to develop any type of game?

Yes, from simple 2D mobile games to massive multiplayer online games.

How easy is it to make changes to your project?

Changes can be made easily and instantaneously throughout the developmental life cycle. uFrame even includes features like refactoring, which renames things in your code on the fly.

Can developers use uFrame if they’ve already started a project?

Simple things like Unity Components might be reusable, but may prove to be counter-intuitive in a project. Developers will most likely have to start from the beginning, even if they have already developed code for their game, because it is a cumulative process. uFrame automatically generates the code, which is great for giving designers the ability to develop highly extensible and professional code bases that can easily be extended by developers of any skill level. Ultimately, it still maybe more cost effective and less labor intensive when you consider the amount of work uFrame does for you.

Are you planning to make uFrame available on other platforms like Unreal or CopperCube in the future?

We are slowly investigating the possibility of adapting uFrame or creating a similar solution for the Unreal engine, but right now the Unity engine is our main focus.

Thanks for the short interview!

Uframe website


uframe.jpg 25 KB uframe.jpg


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