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Unity 5 announced's announced, not released yet, just to be sure.

Unity Technologies just announced the upcoming release version 5 of their game engine, Unity. The new version doesn't appear to be available yet for download, and no specific release date seems to be written anywhere, but it can be pre-ordered already. New features in the upcoming release will be:

- Physically-based shading, basically meaning enhanced shader based materials with more real-world parameters
- Real-time global illumination via enlighten
- Real-time lightmap previews in the editor
- Audio overhaul - rewritten internal audio engine
- Unity cloud - a kind of ad network
- and a few other improvements

Unity Technologies don't mention their announced 2D toolkit for Unity 5, but say that this will be added in the upcoming release of Unity 4.6.

Official unity website
Official unity announcement


unity5preview.jpg 39 KB unity5preview.jpg

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Nice to hear. But they expect us to pay again after this short amount of time? I think I stay a bit with unity 4 for now.
I wonder what they are thinking announcing this without actually releasing their 2D stuff. I've been waiting for this for a year now...

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