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Valve makes ToGL open source

D3D -> OpenGL translation layer, part of the source of DOTA2 posted on GitHub

ValveSoftware posted their Direct3D to OpenGL abstraction layer which is used by their game DOTA2 as open source to github.

The code makes it possible to do Direct3D calls which the framework then translates to OpenGL calls. It includes:

- Limited subset of Direct3D 9.0c
- Bytecode-level HLSL -> GLSL translator
- Some SM3 support: Multiple Render Targets, no Vertex Texture Fetch

The code is incomplete, though, it seems even to refer a few files from DOTA2 which aren't included in the repository. But for developers using a rendering engine based on D3D, this will make it very easy to make their games available on other operating systems such as Linux, which is probably what Valve intended with this move.

Githug repository of TOGL


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