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CopperCube 4.4 released

Game Engine CopperCube releases free update

The game engine CopperCube has just been released in version 4.4. CopperCube is an editor for creating 3D games and apps, without the need to program anything. You can just click your scenes and behaviors together.

Games and Apps created in CopperCube run on Mac OS X, Windows, on Android devices and directly on websites as either Flash or WebGL apps.

New features in this release are:

- Support for efficient rendering of huge amount of plants and grass patches

- Improved plugin creation tools

- Dynamic loading of textures during runtime, from the web or disk

- Improved WebGL support for Firefox and Chrome

- Extended scripting API (JavaScript) with new and updated functions

- The possibility to clone all objects during runtime including collision settings, making it possible to create advanced apps like level editors

CopperCube runs on Mac OS X and Windows, and offers a free trial period of 14 days from its website.

Official CopperCube website


coppercube44.jpg 49 KB coppercube44.jpg


Nice, keep going!

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